A blend of artworks and archive from North East artist Katia Greenwood. Archiving Tower blocks in the name of conservation, creativity and community.

    'Gone and Forgotten' plays on the phrase 'Gone but not forgotten'. It speaks to the truth of social housing and its demolition. We would hope that these places, communities and people would be remembe
    'Goodbye Hometown' is a ode to my own nostalgia leaving my home town to go to university. It speaks to the end of my 3 years in higher education and is one of the concluding pieces in my 'Concrete Uto
    The 'Anson and Hudson House' postcard, as part of 'The Postcard Series', speaks to the nostalgia of the surroundings I grew up around. The Postcards are inspired by the Travel Tourism posters and post
    A collage based on the history of Utopianism and its links to Social Housing in the United Kingdom. The woman staring into the sky as if looking into her own future. The title is inspired by Miles Gle
    'Where Homes Would Kiss The Clouds and Sky' speaks of the hardy community of working class rural England and the forgotten residents who hailed from demolished Tower blocks. It is part of my series of